Main Goal:

On the basis of the existing regulatory framework, Türkiye introduces an MRV system that provides a reliable and robust source of data to identify GHG emissions, and thereby creates a solid foundation for future mitigation measures.

Nine specific project objectives have been identified:

  1. The Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change of the Republic of Türkiye collects information on and manages GHG emissions using a data management system.
  2. Sector-specific MRV guidelines for emissions-producing branches of industry and additional legal frameworks for MRV are implemented.
  3. Relevant actors take responsibility for the sectoral MRV system processes.
  4. Contributions are made to policies on GHG mitigation measures, such as emissions trading systems.
  5. Dissemination of experience on developing an MRV system to other countries.
  6. MRV prerequisites are established for one additional sector (aviation) in a technical sense as well as with regard to the capacities of involved actors.
  7. Turkish MRV actors fulfill EU ETS requirements.
  8. Development of benchmarks for potential ETS sectors.
  9. Expansion of the MRV system for the implementation of an ETS based on grandfathering with measures for capacity development