Regulation on “Greenhouse Gases Emission Monitoring“ went into force on April 25, 2012 with the publication of 28274 numbered official gazette. Following some amendments on several articles, the regulation has been revised and republished on May 17, 2014 on 29003 numbered official gazette.

Obligations on monitoring and reporting of the regulation on “Communique of Monitoring and Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions” came into force on July 22, 2014 and has been published with 29068 numbered official gazette.

After this legislation, “Communique on Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reports and Authorization of Verifiers” also came into force on April 02, 2015 with the publication of 29314 numbered official gazette. This Communique from 02.04.2015 was repealed on 02.12.2017 and instead, the "Communique on Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Accreditation of Verifiers" went into force with 30258 numbered official gazette.

Within the scope of the legislation, industries mentioned in Appendix-1 of the regulation are subject to annual monitoring, reporting and verification processes. The monitoring plans, which are prepared within the legislation scope, are delivered to Ministry via Environmental Information System.